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I promise to burn your nightmares
5th-Aug-2010 05:09 pm

Isn't it wonderfully ironic that on the way to a free dentist visit my sister won for me valued at $300, I should totally trash someone's car, send three 16 year old girls to the hospital, trash my car, and acquire $300 in tickets :[ My neck hurts, but that's pretty much just tough luck for me because there's no way I can afford to go to the hospital. I've incurred enough financial damage for one day. All I know is I hate FUCKING New Jersey drivers WHO DON'T USE THEIR SIGNALS! I was driving along on Route 9, the road was clear, I looked up for a second, I think at my rear view mirror, and then when I look back literally a moment later I see the back of this car rushing towards me. Apparently three douche bags stopped dead on the highway without signaling to turn right. I watched them all turn right into the Meineke right after collecting myself and absorbing the fact that I'd just crashed. I hope they all get syphilis. I have a pounding headache and my neck keeps getting weird pain and I have something really important to go to tomorrow {I can't say what it is just yet though} so I better be ok once the adrenaline wears off. Blah. I also hope the three girls are ok. They said they just had neck pain and stuff, but yeah :/ I feel really bad that they had to go to the hospital.

So yeah, that was weird, especially since life has been going increasingly well for me lately. I've been thinking. I've been dealing with a lot of shit, but I feel like I can get through anything, even by myself which is usually the case. But isn't it sad when you have wonderful, happy, exciting things happen to you, and you have no one to share them with? Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of really crazy good friends and family who are here for me, but I don't know. I think I'd rather do the suffering all alone, than be doing this spectacular, {minus the car crash} without having anyone to share it with. But I know I'll meet someone just right for me soon. Right now I guess I just need to focus on following through with all these good things that are happening, I can share them later, with someone who'll be just as excited for me, and it'll be totally awesome, right!

6th-Aug-2010 09:07 am (UTC)
When I was in a wreck, I had neck pain and all they prescribed me with was 500mg ibuprofen, BioFreeze, a heat pad with vibration and message. That's pretty much it and it actually helped me. So if you have a hot water bottle, ibuprofen, muscle rub and somebody to message your shoulders and neck for at least 30 minutes every 2 days then you should be okay. Oh! They also had me do these exercises after the message:
1)Touch your right ear to your shoulder and hold for one minute, then the same for you left. If you can't, just try to go as far as you can tolerate. Do this three times.
2)Touch your chin to your chest and hold for one minute and then the back of your head to your back between your shoulder blades for one minute and hold. Do that three times.
3)Turn your head left as far as you can (like looking over your shoulder) and hold for one minute. Do the same to the right and hold for one minute. Do that 3 times.
4)Rotate your head slowly around for one minute. Starting with looking down, chin to chest and rolling your head to your left ear to shoulder, continuing rolling to looking up with your back of your head to your back between the shoulder blades, continuously rolling your head to your right, ear to shoulder and back then back to the looking down chin to chest position. Then the opposite direction for one minute.
I heard all sorts of ugly grinding and such but it's important to keep it mobile. Do that twice a day for about 3 weeks. That is what I had to do when I went to a doctor. I wished somebody had told me that so I didn't have to pay so much for what really shouldn't be so costly. I hope you feel better.
7th-Aug-2010 11:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks for all the info, I think it's ok now though thankfully. Now I await the headache that will follow when I see how much money I will have to shell out. Any advice for that one? XD
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