My MAC Venomous Villains Wishlist

{the entire line basically, not only is she my favorite villain, but I love everything!}
revenge is sweet, wrong spell lipglass $15.50 x2
violetta, dark deed lipstick $15.50 x2
my dark magic, she who dares mineral eyeshadows $21x2
briar rose beauty powder $25
bad fairy, formidable!, mean & green nail lacquer: $13x3

Evil Queen
toxic tale, sinister lipglass $15.50 x2
her alter image, vainglorious, vile violet eyeshadow $15.50 x3

Dr Facilier
black greasepaint $17.50
brash & bold, push the edge pigments $19.50x2


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A rare update~

I feel...lonely.

I don't know what it is, but yeah.

I'm settling into a weekly routine of working, not getting any sleep, then come weekend catching up on said lack of sleep and not getting to see any other human beings. I could've had a shoot today, I could've seen friends, but I basically didn't leave my bed all day except to run to the post office to send out a few orders and to have a pretty fail workout of 3 miles. Haven't eft my house much socially since the Dir en grey show. Which funnily enough, sucked of course, but I have been listening to them like crazy after the fact. Ryuu showed me some of their better songs and I have to say, they are quite addicting. Vinushka has been on repeat for the last few weeks.

Another amazing, amazing band, that everyone should check out, is VII Sense. It's Juka's {now called Shaura} new project, but there's also a lot of other well known artists joining him, and for some strange reason, no one knows who the hell they are or even goes to their shows. o.o Please give them a listen and support them! I already think I want to cosplay Erina at some point.

I guess lots of other things are going through my head right now, but I'll probably have to save those for friends only updates. Sensitive subject matters you know ^.~

Other than that, since I haven't posted in a while, I'll treat you all to some photos~

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An awfully big adventure!

Update: I'm an idiot!
Woooohoooooo, and I just don't care~
Suck on thaaaat.

I want to have lots more adventures and do crazy things like jump out of planes or walk through middle eastern cities alone at night for candy! I want to live for the moment and experience every wild absurd beautiful thing there is. I want to be happy! Whatever it takes, I want it! And I don't care if you don't like it!

NaNaReMiLaMiNa~ why not take a chance?

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Isn't it wonderfully ironic that on the way to a free dentist visit my sister won for me valued at $300, I should totally trash someone's car, send three 16 year old girls to the hospital, trash my car, and acquire $300 in tickets :[ My neck hurts, but that's pretty much just tough luck for me because there's no way I can afford to go to the hospital. I've incurred enough financial damage for one day. All I know is I hate FUCKING New Jersey drivers WHO DON'T USE THEIR SIGNALS! I was driving along on Route 9, the road was clear, I looked up for a second, I think at my rear view mirror, and then when I look back literally a moment later I see the back of this car rushing towards me. Apparently three douche bags stopped dead on the highway without signaling to turn right. I watched them all turn right into the Meineke right after collecting myself and absorbing the fact that I'd just crashed. I hope they all get syphilis. I have a pounding headache and my neck keeps getting weird pain and I have something really important to go to tomorrow {I can't say what it is just yet though} so I better be ok once the adrenaline wears off. Blah. I also hope the three girls are ok. They said they just had neck pain and stuff, but yeah :/ I feel really bad that they had to go to the hospital.

So yeah, that was weird, especially since life has been going increasingly well for me lately. I've been thinking. I've been dealing with a lot of shit, but I feel like I can get through anything, even by myself which is usually the case. But isn't it sad when you have wonderful, happy, exciting things happen to you, and you have no one to share them with? Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of really crazy good friends and family who are here for me, but I don't know. I think I'd rather do the suffering all alone, than be doing this spectacular, {minus the car crash} without having anyone to share it with. But I know I'll meet someone just right for me soon. Right now I guess I just need to focus on following through with all these good things that are happening, I can share them later, with someone who'll be just as excited for me, and it'll be totally awesome, right!

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Otakon and stuffz

Otakon was this weekend and it was a blast. The con itself was cooler last year as far as some of the cosplays and funny things happening, but the people this year were wonderful to be around. I hung out with Aimee a lot who I'm becoming better friends with, Eve, countless other wonderful people in our room including Connor who I finally met and was super sweet, Lauren and Misao {LOL Oh idk, James is over there talking to that short girl, OH that's Misao!!!} who I haven't seen or even spoken to in way too long <3, Matt and Seva, and other random friends all over the place. Barely saw Flip though :( Cosplaying was a little dull, I think it's time for some new cosplays and A GROUP! My Jasmine You was however, a big hit. I couldn't walk 2 feet without having a crowd of people taking pictures >.< it was intense. I actually wore 3 pairs of eyelashes this time {2 on top, 1 on the bottom} and I wish I'd gotten a good picture of my makeup since it was loads better this time, but I was so tired and lazy it slipped my mind. I had revamped my headdress too. Oh well, next time. There was another Jyou cosplayer there and she and her friend were sooo sweet, she actually made me this little decorative box with purple roses and rhinestones and a picture of him on it. I was so surprised! ^.^ Then I FINALLY ran into Becky towards the end {our phones for some reason would NOT call each other :( it sucked cause we were supposed to do Versailles together for a bit} and she gave me this beautiful ring for my cosplay that's just like one he used to wear. It's a pretty rose with these vines and leaves and a little rhinestone in the middle. I love it!  I wish the con had gone on longer, but AUSA will hopefully be amazing and I'll have new cosplays by then~

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Cornerstone 2010

Cornerstone was EPIC! I guess in some ways it wasn't as good as most years because some of our friends weren't able to go and people didn't do as many weird things, but it was so much fun and sooooo freaking great to see everyone. I really needed this trip! I'm so glad I decided to just wing it and go. I feel really renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated...which is kind of funny since I was camping in the dirt for 10 days XD but I just feel so much better about everything and so much more positive. I think I just needed a nice break from the bullshit. I spent 10 days not thinking about ANY of the CRAP and just hanging out with people I really love that love me back. ^.^ Now my only problem is I MISS THEM!!!!!

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