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I promise to burn your nightmares
Cornerstone 2010 
5th-Jul-2010 05:52 pm

Cornerstone was EPIC! I guess in some ways it wasn't as good as most years because some of our friends weren't able to go and people didn't do as many weird things, but it was so much fun and sooooo freaking great to see everyone. I really needed this trip! I'm so glad I decided to just wing it and go. I feel really renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated...which is kind of funny since I was camping in the dirt for 10 days XD but I just feel so much better about everything and so much more positive. I think I just needed a nice break from the bullshit. I spent 10 days not thinking about ANY of the CRAP and just hanging out with people I really love that love me back. ^.^ Now my only problem is I MISS THEM!!!!!

This place delivers...seriously.

Sarah eating a big sticka BUTTAH

Amanda bein' sweet

Bein' hot, sweaty and tan. D:

Jew curlz

Me passed out in a heat coma and Amber digging for treasure~

Creepy disco Jesus...
"I like to imagine my Jesus covered in disco balls o.o"
Well, they're cd's but you get the idea.

Watch out, crazy hell demon on the loose! I might BAKE YOU EXPLODING COOKIES :O LMAO

Hobo mode lol


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