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A rare update~

I feel...lonely.

I don't know what it is, but yeah.

I'm settling into a weekly routine of working, not getting any sleep, then come weekend catching up on said lack of sleep and not getting to see any other human beings. I could've had a shoot today, I could've seen friends, but I basically didn't leave my bed all day except to run to the post office to send out a few orders and to have a pretty fail workout of 3 miles. Haven't eft my house much socially since the Dir en grey show. Which funnily enough, sucked of course, but I have been listening to them like crazy after the fact. Ryuu showed me some of their better songs and I have to say, they are quite addicting. Vinushka has been on repeat for the last few weeks.

Another amazing, amazing band, that everyone should check out, is VII Sense. It's Juka's {now called Shaura} new project, but there's also a lot of other well known artists joining him, and for some strange reason, no one knows who the hell they are or even goes to their shows. o.o Please give them a listen and support them! I already think I want to cosplay Erina at some point.

I guess lots of other things are going through my head right now, but I'll probably have to save those for friends only updates. Sensitive subject matters you know ^.~

Other than that, since I haven't posted in a while, I'll treat you all to some photos~

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