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I promise to burn your nightmares

24 April
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17 again, 1939, a fine frenzy, agent ribbons, alan, alice nine, all things japanese, amy winehouse, anime, aural vampire, baking, beirut, big sunglasses, bike rides at night, billie holiday, bin-jip, blood plus, broken blossoms, buck-tick, castledoor, chobits, cinnamon, d'espairsray, daydreaming, death note, denali, dexter, dinah shore, disney things, dogma, dorian gray, doris day, dress up, dresses, eisley, ergo proxy, family guy, fire breathers, flowers of all kinds, frilly things, frolicking, gargoyles, girl interrupted, grey's anatomy, halloween things, harry potter, herbal remedies, heroes, hookah, hyde, jrock, katy perry, kaya, l'arc en ciel, la boheme, lady gaga, last quarter moon, libraries, little shop of horrors, lost boys, love actually, lovedrug, mac, me without you, mean girls, merlin, mirah, moon child, moulin rouge, mulan, muse, my fair lady, nana, nancy sinatra, nega, pedro the lion, phantom of the opera, picking berries, picking flowers, pink, polaroids, portishead, pride and prejudice, queen adreena, reading, rilo kiley, rocky horror, rozen maiden, rupaul's drag race, sebastian cole, sense and sensability, sewing, shopping, silverchair, singing, star wars, strawberry chocolate, taken, tea, telepopmusik, the baxter, the beatles, the cardigans, the cure, the dresden dolls, the edukators, the fifth element, the gazette, the horrorpops, the house of yes, the office, the real houswives, the start, tim burton, train tracks, traveling abroad, true blood, ugly betty, vegetable markets, versailles, victorian things, villains, visual kei, who framed roger rabbit?, wigs, writing